"She changed her mind right as she was about to be called back for the abortion. Her boyfriend had called her and begged her to come out. Even though neither of them believed that he was the father, he told her he would help her raise her twins! When they came on the Big Blue Bus, he explained he had been so touched by seeing all the people praying, especially a young woman kneeling in prayer."   

On the last day of 40 Days for Life during the Spring of 2016, a young couple came to the Big Blue Bus to tell us that they had planned to abort that very day, but had changed their minds.    

She was carrying twins and thought they were were from a previous relationship. Her new boyfriend drove her to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility. As he pulled in, he saw a young woman kneeling in prayer. After his girlfriend went inside the abortion facility, he waited in the car thinking about that young woman kneeling on the sidewalk.  He was touched, and he started texting his girlfriend, encouraging her to come out.  He became persistent in his texting and even told her that he would help her raise the children even though he didn't believe they were biologically his. She was walking out to him just as her name was being called by the abortion facility staff.  They both walked over to the Big Blue Bus.     

After looking at the measurements of her babies on the free ultrasound offered on the Big Blue Bus, she surprised everyone by saying that now she believes that the new boyfriend (who is willing to help raise the children) is actually the biological father! 

They were both were so relieved that they had chosen life! 

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