Abortion is Never Safe!

There is no such thing as a safe abortion. The abortion procedure itself is only "successful" when the life of the unborn child ends. Yet it is not only the child whose life is in danger from this violent practice.

There are two types of abortions: surgical or chemical. Depending on the size of the baby, a surgical abortion is a procedure where the unborn child is torn out of the womb with forceps and/or suctioning the baby through a vacuum. The baby is reduced to nothing more than medical waste.

A chemical abortion utilizes the "abortion pill" which invloves starving the baby of nutrients and then inducing labor for the woman to expel her baby. This procedure is very painful, emotionally traumatic, and can last up to a week or more.

Over the years, countless numbers of ambulances were called to the Planned Parenthood Ambulatory Surgical Center on I45. Ambulances were called because of uncontrolled hemoraging after the so called "safe" abortion. Abortion clinics do not have the capabilities to care for women when something goes wrong, such as a punctured uterus.. Click Here to hear the 911 calls.

At Houston Coalition for Life, believe women and their pre-born babies deserve better than abortion. We do not want any woman to have to endure this procedure, not any innocent pre-born child's life to end in such a violent way.

We are committed to helping women in crisis pregnancies by offering life-affirming options and providing the fully informed choices women deserve. If you or anyone you know needs our help, please call 713-395-1330.

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